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      Painted Eyes Enterprise, a web-based creative production company based in Nashville, TN, is proud to announce the release of "Tools, A Personal Memoir."


     Thomas J. Occhipinti's audiobook, entitled "Tools," is a personal, touching, humorous memoir about his late father, John, who passed away on Oct. 21, 2003, at the age of 87.

     "It took my father's death to teach me about life. Now I see him in a different light."
("Tools" ©2008)


 1. Introduction 
 2. I Shoulda Smiled
 3. Pay A Man What He's Due
 4. One Word Philosophy 
 5. Dig A Little Deeper
 6. Gifts That Keep On Giving 
 7. Theory Of Relativity
 8. Race Relations
 9. Tales Of Immigration 
10. Humility
11. Life's A Chance
12. Humor 
13. Loss Of Innocence 
14. Never Bite Da Hand Dat Feeds Ya
15. Friendship, Golden Rule
16. Church 
17. Treasures 
18. What Goes Around Comes Around
19. Tools





"What Goes Around Comes Around"

"One Word Philosophy"

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Hey Tom,
I just got finished listening to your CD of
"Tools", with tears filling my eyes, my hands folded, and my mind going back over my childhood years.  I wanted to say thank you for sharing this with me, it has touched my life, so in a sense, your father has touched my life.

Philadelphia, PA

Tom, you’re a good writer, but your father was funnier.

Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Occhipinti's audiobook Tools will make you laugh, sigh, and cry. With heartfelt candor and sincerity, Thomas shares stories about his father, the son of Sicilian immigrants, who taught him many of life's valuable lessons. Listening to Tools brought me back to times in my own life when I faced similar experiences Thomas faced and reminded me how all it took were the words of a loved one to comfort me and point me in the right direction. I loved Tools and know you will too.

New York City, NY
Thanks for sharing these memories. You have a great talent to recount these life lessons so vividly and eloquently!

Nashville, TN

"Tools" brought a tear to my eye, and helped my siblings and me to reconnect with our past. It is poignant, funny, and authentic. Vividly weaving the relevant memories that connect us across the ages. What a pleasurable journey! Kudos!

Pittsburgh, PA

Tom Occhipinti is a brilliant storyteller. When I first heard Tom speak about his family I was moved to both laughter and tears while getting a glimpse of how he grew up and the life lessons he had so gratefully learned from those he loved. Tom has the unique ability to draw people into his stories relating not only to his family tales but also allowing the listener to recall their own in a warm thankful way.

Brentwood, TN
Tom, your Dad's TOOLS allowed me to rebuild the memories of my childhood. His timeless wisdom provides a grounding for us and our

Pittsburgh, PA


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