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MyTestTips is a study system, designed by a professional instructor with a Masters in Education, that combines an audio test-taking prep tool with supplemental video and printed materials that teens can easily relate to, and use the advice and strategies as they practice for their admissions tests.

Divided into 8 focused learning points, MyTestTips contains easy-to-learn tips to help maximize your chances to obtain high SAT/ACT scores, whether you're testing for the very first time or looking to dramatically improve your score from a previous attempt.

  "MyTestTips helped me prepare for my last ACT test. I scored higher than my previous test." (Tim)
  "I enjoyed MyTestTips because it made me relax about the test. Just knowing that other people felt like I did, helped a lot. All your tips worked, too!" (Amanda)
  "I took the ACT test twice before I tried My Test Tips. I practiced your tips every time I used my test prep book. My ACT scores improved the third time I took the test. Thank you." (Pamela)
  "By the Winter of 2008, my High School Senior son had completed a four week after-school college admissions test prep course. I had just received a Beta copy of My Test Tips and listened to it with him. He had never heard about most of the strategies we listened to on My Test Tips. Iím glad he practiced with your product before he took his admissions test last Spring. He scored well on his ACT test and is enrolled at his first choice university. As I am also a Middle School teacher, I now use some of these strategies with my 5th grade students." (David)
  "My Test Tips was fun to listen to. I enjoyed learning from someone my age who has been there." (Misha)
  "I freaked when I saw the size of the prep test book my mom bought. I followed your instructions and went right to the practice tests and review pages. Your product was awesome. Thanks." (Collin)
  "Our very active 12th grade daughter was overwhelmed with her test prep book and extremely anxious about her up-coming admission tests. A friend told me about MyTestTips. After hearing your teen speaker, our daughter was more relaxed and confident and immediately started using your tips each time she practiced. She even enjoyed listening to MyTestTips when she wasn't practicing with the book. Thank you!" (Jan)


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