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 frequently asked questions


? Why is MYTT Different?

Our young adult speaker explains and models easy-to-learn research based test-taking strategies to practice with as you use a test-prep book of your choice. MYTT cuts through the clutter to focus on the strategies you need to employ to make your test scores the highest they can be.
? Can MYTT Save Me Time?

You start right away practicing with the actual practice test sections and review activities in your test-prep book, rather than having to read lengthy explanations for these various strategies and advice about admission tests.
? Does MYTT Work With My Test-Prep Book?

Yes. The MYTT system is designed to combine various media (audio, video, print) to create an efficient means to get the most from your test-prep book...ANY test-prep book.
? Is MYTT Flexible To Fit My Schedule?

You can listen to the 30-minute tutorial as often as you like, on your time, on the go, or at home. Watch the YouTube videos on your laptop or from any smartphone.
? Can MYTT Save Me Money?

Compare the one time price of our product to average rates for
ongoing private tutoring sessions (Average $45-60 per hour).


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